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Antonio M. Tumolva

President & CEO

Entrepreneurial by nature and able to see the "bigger picture", utilizes skills from an extensive construction, engineering & manufacturing background, within General Management, Business Development and Innovation.

In excess of 30 years hands on experience gained from within the construction and manufacturing industries, with specific skills in Production, Manufacturing Methodology and Marketing Management, business and Stakeholder Performance and Analysis, Business Growth and Development.

An excellent record of initiating and leading turnaround growth strategies in complex multi-disciplined engineering, construction & manufacturing difficulties.

Successes and achievements were brought about by a passion for people development and empowerment. Known as an inspirational leader with a supportive yet challenging management style that motivates both teams and individuals to achieve and exceed targets and job responsibilities.


As Business Strategist

High success rate in turning around businesses from financial abyss, poor performances, deficiencies by some stakeholders by means of streamlining and rationalization methods.

Implements new and innovative procedures to increase company-wide efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Hands on experience of managing and propelling acquisitions and mergers, which includes renegotiation of new business partnership, innovation of new management styles and the integration of new construction management strategies.


As a Professional & Businessman

Maintains the highest level of quality while maintaining full adherence to all deadlines, budgets and specifications. Manages the business to ensure deliverables are met on time and under budget. As an engineer by profession, is highly skilled in reading and interpreting blueprints. In-depth knowledge of building codes, permits and safety standards, environmental rules & regulations. As Educator, Former Professor of Engineering from one of the leading Universities in the Philippines maintains the highest level of professional ethics.

Adept in managing corporate finances and assets, by maximizing available resources and optimizing its usage.

Proficient in developing and motivating construction teams to peak performance level. Reputation for superior problem solving and customer relationship management skills.

Own and operate Accelerated Metal Technology and Construction Incorporated (AMTCI), a general contracting firm with a full capability in steel manufacturing and maintains numerous equipment that offers a number of services to industrial plants, residential & commercial buildings, cement manufacturing industries, telecommunication towers, airports, bridges, roads & highways, property development for mix-use applications, mechanical & electrical installations, and other infra-structure projects.

Established AMTCI from an initial metal manufacturing establishment & contracting company with a minimum capital investment that have achieved over the years an annual gross sales exceeding Php100 Million, with accumulated assets of over Php200 Million and no major debts.

Aggressively grew the business through hard work, outstanding customers service and constant referrals. Successfully completed various projects from notable multi-national companies, in the cement industries, airport facilities, school institutions, hospitals, private & governmental agencies both from local and foreign clienteles.


As Innovative Entrepreneur

AMTCI, has enjoyed remarkable growth over the past ten years, and continue to strive to expand and emerge as one of the most diverse construction development companies in the country. The working environment at AMTCDC is maintained with up to date equipment and a Construction & Manufacturing team dedicated to helping every employee find personal success and job satisfactory. This has allowed the corporation to develop a loyal diverse staff, that brings their vast experience and multiple skill sets to analyze today's market and evaluate the best course of action to minimize risk while maximizing profitability.

As the Chief Executive Officer, never afraid to thread new avenues, found it prudent to diverse, having the ability to make investments in a wide range of assets, including taking minority staked in businesses, thus the beginning of new investment companies of AM Tumolva.

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