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Who we are?

A construction and steel manufacturing company founded in 1984 by its President, Engineer Antonio M. Tumolva, has to-date evolved into one of the leading Top 5,000 Corporation in the Philippines.

A duly registered corporation with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Registration No. CS20041837, Accelerated Metal Technology & Construction, Inc. (AMTCI) formerly AM Tumolva Construction & Development Corporation (AMTCDC) had an unprecedented growth of an Authorized Capital Stock of Php10 Million from its Corporation into now a Php100 Million Corporation, a very rare exception in the Philippines business settings.

The corporation's initial operation was centered from a backyard approach architectural metal manufacturing establishment and slowly developed into a heavy steel manufacturing corporation. It has now the capacity for Engine Rebuilding specializing on Overhauling, Sleeving, hauning, Crank Shaft Grinding, Engine Reboring, Tolls & Die Making and other Precision Machining Works. These operations inspired the corporation to level up its capacity by acquiring various fabrication equipment for Molds Fabrication, Shearing, Bending, Various Machining Equipment, Welding and keeps an array of hand tools for its massive fabrication operations.

Whilst the steel manufacturing proves to be the initial dough of the corporation, it opened the opportunity for the corporation to undertake contracts for Heavy Metal Fabrications & Installation, construction of Industrial Plants & Factories, notably in the cement industries. It further opened up new avenues for the corporation to qualify for a high stake engineering and construction projects from notable private companies and government projects alike. The IBC-13 communication towers was a major breakthrough to AMTCI steel expertise, which allowed the corporation to join the ranks of the leading steel erection & manufacturing companies in the Philippines.

AMTCI consistently over the years have maintained the quality it has benn known this big names in the Cement Industries has recognized the company's capability by awarding projects commencing from their initial set-up of cement plants and up to their expansion programs, e.g., La Farge Cement, Cemex, Holcim. Other infrastructure projects such as Property Development, Roads & Bridges, Flood Controls, Airport Development, Electro-Mechanical Fabrication & Installations expanded the company's area of operation and widening AMTCI's road map to the construction industries. Many projects followed thereafter, with Clients full satisfaction and completed on timely manner.

As AMTCI's Engineering & Construction prowess becomes more solid, the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board finally issued a Contractors Certificate, Category Triple "AAA".

The time-honored company business philosophies, policies and strategies became more evident having been recognized by various business regulators in the Philippines. The Securities & Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of the Philippines have given award jointly, to Accelerated Metal Technology & Construction, Inc., conferring the Prestigious Award as One of the "TOP 5,000 Corporation of the Philippines".

Dun & Bradstreet Philippines Inc., a US Federal Financial Institution that licenses information on businesses and corporations for use in credit decisions, business-to-business marketing and supply chain management, has awarded a Certificate attesting Accelerated Metal Technology & Construction, Inc. (AMTCI) financial soundness & competence.

Other prestigious awards were likewise conferred, a major milestone in the company's existence, i.e. 2010 Seal of Excellence Award (SEA) and the Global Brand Award (GBA), bestowing AMTCI as one of the Most Outstanding Construction & Development Company.

The economic growth experienced during the Q4 of 2012 and the continuous economic success of the Philippines beginning the Year 2013 and the next years to come; has put more challenges to AMTCI. Thus, the Officers & Board of Directors of AMTCI have refocused and earned its corporate objectives by strategically partnering with local and foreign companies, including individuals in the field of Construction Management, Trading & Manufacturing. The partnership with South Asian based companies shall harness AMTCI known expertise in the supplies, manufacturing and installation of steel construction products. Transfer of technologies & new management styles to fully adapt to the changes of times is likely to be gained from this strategy hence providing robust & positive financial outcome to the company.

AMTCI from its existence shall continuously strive to be a major player & contributor to the Philippines economic programs.  New employment opportunities will be opened to the working public and shall unselfishly share its financial success it had gained in the past and likewise in the future.

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