About Us

Full Moon Realty and Development Corporation (FMRDC) is a family held corporation that was built from a vision of a “Holding Company” that operates as Assets Management Company. It acts as a vehicle and conduit for AM Tumolva Group of Companies to outsource directly their financial requirements through real estate, rentals, leasing, mortgaging and fiduciary banking.

FMRDC sits on a derivable “cash-assets” of no less than 200 Million Pesos and has a wide range of business partnership with individuals and companies with competent and efficiently trained personnel that ensures the company’s growth and continuous existence. Partners working hand and hand dedicated to be mission critical to deliver products, equipment and various lines of services of superior quality and accuracy.

Goals & Objectives

Our main Objective is to make sure that all AMTCI properties is well-managed to ensure a high yield of profitability. Thus, providing an effective property management solutions to maximize the return of each investments.

Our Goal is to make our client happy by providing the best of service and product quality with the aid and genuine support of the company’s expertise.

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